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How Technology Has Changed Bookkeeping

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Time for Training

The responsibilities of bookkeeper have never changed in thousands of years. They record all economic activities including all transactions and make sure everything is neatly and properly documented for future reference. Bookkeeping jobs remain the same, but the tools have evolved from simple quill and pot of ink or pencil and paper to modern calculator, computer, and cloud storage services. In the most basic sense, technology refers to anything that makes the job easier. Back in the days of quill and ink, they were also considered cutting edge technologies. As business is getting more complex and involving large frequent transactions, however, bookkeeping jobs are more demanding as well. They require the proper tools to handle all the complicated record-making systems.


 All those technologies provide leverage for bookkeepers to improve accuracy in every detail. Bookkeeping is not merely about writing down all transactions, but also about ensuring that they are accurate. It makes no sense to document transactions without great attention to precise financial calculations. Invoices have more than a simple line item and there are also taxes involved. In the old days where transactions used only cash (or even barter system), pencil and paper are enough technologies, but in the modern world where credit card and cryptocurrency are all around, more capable technologies with automated calculation systems are indispensable.


Human mind and physical properties have limitation to how fast they can operate, and this is where technology comes in. It is never enough to memorize all transactions with all the different amount of money so keeping proper documentations are the only workaround. When business reaches a point where hundreds or more transactions take place on daily basis, bookkeepers need more than pencils and papers; they need faster way to handle the jobs so they use calculators and computers. Bookkeepers are required to do their jobs quickly and make reports in a timely manner.


 One of the latest innovations to hit the bookkeeping world is cloud service. Instead of installing the entire accounting program to an office computer, cloud accounting allows bookkeeper to save the record in the cloud, where there is nearly zero possibility of damaged or missing data. In most cases, cloud storage act as backup measure; redundancy makes the data safer. Another advantage is that it is possible to access the data from another computer from everywhere via Internet because they are not stored only on a physical hard drive of a computer.

The Need for Basic Training

 Accounting technologies that come as both hardware and software still require capable bookkeepers to make them work. Even the most expensive computer equipped with an entire range of accounting software makes no use in the hands of untrained bookkeeper. At the end of the day, it is always the bookkeepers who should posses the expertise to take advantage of technology at their disposal. For a complete range of training courses in modern bookkeeping and the use of cloud accounting for business, 360 Accounting provides comprehensive lessons for all levels from beginners, intermediate, to advanced bookkeepers to improve their skills.

Practical Training with 360 Accounting

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Proper accounting has always been the backbone of all business operations. Thanks to advances in technologies and software development for companies, the days of old-fashioned bookkeeping and management are gone. Every financial activity is now computerised and automated to ensure accuracy and minimise possible human errors. Regardless of how sophisticated the software is, however, every company still needs capable employees to handle and organise all the data, allowing for easy analysis and concise reports.


In major corporations where recruitment process is meticulously planned and human resources are abundant, it is normally easy to find someone with expertise in computerised accounting. Even when the cost for hiring is quite steep, there is a balance between the expense for salary and easily manageable company growth thanks to the accounting professionals. For small to medium sized companies, unfortunately, hiring professionals can be difficult due to limitation in budget. At 360 Accounting Services, we provide broad-range of professional-grade practical accounting training for employees and business owners to take advantage of popular accounting software. As a formally recognised Xero partner and an accredited Xero Certified Advisor, we offer major training courses and benefits including but not limited to:


  1. Basic Training


It covers the most basic applications of accounting software. Practical training includes instructions to navigate or use the software and guidance on setting up organisations as well as account payables and receivables. Benefits include:


  • Employees or applicants will master at least the bare minimum set of skills to handle the most basic accounting applications in a company.
  • Job applicants will master the basic knowledge of computerised accounting, improving their chances to get the jobs.
  • Business startup owners are also able to handle simple accounting and bookkeeping with company software without investing in hiring new employees.


Proper bookkeeping is essential in all business fields. Despite the fact that we call it “basic training”, the practical knowledge conveyed in the course should serve well for any business of any field.


  1. Intermediate Training


The main focus in intermediate training is on inventory management. For companies that emphasise on selling goods rather than services, this training covers all the bookkeeping process to help improve financial manageability and business conducts accountability. Benefits include:


  • Inventory management training delivers guidance to be dependable bookkeepers.
  • Proper bookkeeping ensures clear conclusion on every transaction and updated inventory.
  • Business owners have good control over financial transactions including sales, payments, receipts, and purchases.


Professional and computerized bookkeeping makes it easy to compile company activity reports, based on which business owners can design new marketing strategies or plan for company expansion.


  1. Advanced Training


Payroll and financial reporting are the most important courses in advanced training. Any bookkeeper has to master those critical skills as they play major roles to determine the accountability of a company. Benefits:


  • Bookkeepers will master updated knowledge in how to do their job in the more efficient way
  • Accuracy in reports is no longer questionable

Job applicants and existing employees who enroll in advanced training have greater chance of making successful career by mastering the skills provided in advanced training. Business owners have the needed confidence, knowing that the company’s bookkeeping is the hands of professionally trained staff.


  1. Expert Training


To handle the more demanding financial jobs, expert training helps you to properly run month end and BAS lodgement. Benefits include:


  • For business owners, lodging activity statements on time makes sure the business runs smoothly
  • Open opportunities to become chief financial officer or virtual CFO, of which are in high demands nowadays.


At 360 Accounting, we provide practical training all computerised accounting applications in all business fields. Training is open for employees, job seekers, or even business owners who desire to master all the financial bookkeeping skills, without having to do any major investment.


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