How a Remote Bookkeeper Benefits Your Business

How a Remote Bookkeeper Benefits Your Business

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A bookkeeper is an essential part of any business. In large corporations with more than enough financial resources to hire a team of professionals, bookkeeping is handled by experienced highly-educated employees. In small to mid-sized companies, however, money can be scarce and all existing funds are used mainly for improving brand recognition and other marketing campaign. Remote bookkeepers are viable solutions in such circumstance; they focus on providing services online via cloud computing. Everything is still very efficient, but without full-time employment salary. Here is how a remote bookkeeper can help improve your business.

More Productivity at Lower Cost

 According to a study published by Harvard Business Review, home-workers actually showed better performance rate and faster job completion time. In a follow-up psychological survey, they also indicated substantially higher work satisfaction and less work exhaustion compared to their in-office counterparts.

A remote bookkeeper is not your full-time employee, and therefore you don’t need to spend on full-time salary and employee benefits; they even pay their own taxes. Most home-based bookkeepers charge by hourly-rate. They are not expensive because you can hire them only when you need additional workforce for examples during financial year-end when taxation and reports require tons of paperwork to complete. Since remote bookkeepers use their own computers, electricity, Internet connections, and all the necessary resources, you save money on furniture pieces and spaces as well.

Expertise and Flexibility

 Not all remote bookkeepers have the expertise and experience in handling complex financial reporting. This is why it is important to work only with established professionals. A well-known professional has worked with many different clients to earn his/her good reputation. In many cases, remote bookkeeping service is provided by a team rather than an individual. They don’t have specific work hours, meaning they can work anytime any day; because a team handles all the works, there is almost no vacation or call-in-sick days.

Data Backup

 The most overlooked benefit is data backup. When working with remote bookkeepers, all data are accessed online. You must upload all data to cloud storage for the bookkeepers to open and analyze. Whether or not you realize it, uploading data is mandatory. You backup all the important financial records in the cloud.


Last but not least, remote bookkeepers help you stay focus on what you do best. Many small business owners handle all tasks from marketing to accounting, but everything becomes more difficult as the business grows. You will get overwhelmed by daily bookkeeping tasks eventually, and leave the marketing aspect slightly abandoned. Hiring remote bookkeepers allows you to focus on developing your brands and business without the burdens of adding full-time employees.


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