What Clients Say About 360

Some client feedback…

We have been fortunate to have partnered with and worked for some fabulous clients over recent years – they operate across a multitude of industries, range in scale and size, employ diverse groups of people and have wildly different objectives and plans for the future.

What these clients all have in common is a need for competent, effective and competitive price efficient accounting and bookkeeping solutions. They have one other common factor – they all use 360 Accounting Services!

On occasions, our clients send us notes or emails of appreciation and commendation. They applaud our customer focussed approach or they recognise the individual efforts of consultants.

Whilst we gravitate towards humility at 360 we do believe that our client experiences should be shared. So we offer one or two testimonials for you to gain insights into our service, our approach and our impact in real business environments…

“Hi Parikshit,

I am very happy to commend you on your work for the Essendon Hockey Club.

While we have a system for receipt of funds and payments of debtors, we wanted an accountant who could oversee the operations and prepare both profit and loss and balance sheets. We also wanted reporting against the various sections of the club; juniors, seniors and masters, so we could plan appropriately for both income generation and expenditure. In addition we wanted to know which fundraising ventures were worthwhile.

Parikshit has been providing us with this service for nearly two years and is always helpful and friendly, and keen to understand how a sporting club works, so that the statements make sense to us.

We are very glad to have Parikshit looking after our accounts.”

Helen (August 2015)


“ConvertworX required expertise of experienced accounting professional with extensive knowledge of accounting packages and industries, 360 Accounting has been the right choice since they were able to hit the ground running and picked up projects from their predecessor. Their way of thinking outside the box and logically structuring and translating complex information is terrific!”

Inbal (November 2015)